CR605 series universal liquid level transmitter


Automatic adaptation, automatic calibration, long-term stable output true height value. Anti-hanging material, anti-condensation, anti-bubble and other anti-pollution ability. ▲The structure is simple without any movable parts, high reliability and low maintenance. ▲A variety of signal outputs are available for easy access to different systems. ▲It is not affected by factors such as temperature, specific gravity and pressure of the liquid to be tested. ▲High temperature resistance ≤150°C, high pressure resistance ≤2.5MPa, long life. ▲Good sealing performance, protection class IP68 (except CR6052). ▲Perfect overcurrent, overvoltage, and power polarity protection measures.

Performance index

● Measurement range:0.01~10m                    ● Precision:  0.5、1 ● Ambient temperature:  -20~60℃                 ● Storage temperature:-40℃~+85℃ ●Probe temperature resistance:  -40~150℃    ● Wet contact material: 304 stainless steel/PTFE ● Supply voltage:  12~28VDC                            ● Power consumption:≤30mW ● Pressure range:  -0.1~2.5MPa                         ● Long-term stability:≤0.2%FS/year ● Output signal: 4~20mA/0-5V/RS485/CAN communication  ● Fixed way: thread mounting M27×2,M33×2,G2 thread ● Temperature drift:≤0.02%FS/℃(0~70℃) ● Explosion-proof parameter: intrinsic safety ExiaⅡC T6 Ga   IP grade:IP67/IP68 ● Intrinsic safety parameter:Ui:28VDC,Ii:93mA,Pi:0.65W,Ci:0.02uf, Li:0.1mH


The liquid level gauge is a standard two-wire or four-wire instrument. It uses the connection method of the lead wire or terminal block to communicate with the host computer. The terminal block is located on the wiring side inside the instrument housing. The signal wire should use shielded wire or twisted wire. It should not be routed near high-power equipment through other conduits or open-line slots with other power cables. Level gauge lead line definition

Lead wire color

Lead wire illustration


Red wire

Positive pole

4-20mA/Positive pole

Black wire

Negative pole

4-20mA/Negative pole

Yellow wire

RS485-A / CAN-H


Green wire

RS485-B / CAN-L / voltage output

Intrinsic safety wiring figure    


   The universal level gauge has a variety of mounting and fixing methods to suit different site conditions. When the site can not provide process facilities such as internal thread or flange, you can choose from three installation methods: wall-mounted, horizontal pipe rack and vertical pipe rack, which makes you feel comfortable in the field installation.(attched figure)