Temperature Sensor

General product A temperature sensor is a sensor that senses temperature and converts it into output signal. The temperature sensor can accurately measures the ambient  temperature and is widely used in agriculture, industry, workshops, warehouses and other places. This product measures the change in ambient temperature and outputs the temperature change value in the form of RS485 digital signal through inter processing. This product provides a temperature query command and provides digital signals at the same time. This product adopts RS485 half-duplex communication interface and is compatible with terminals with RS485 communication interface on the market, which is convenient for collecting temperature signals. The product has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient installation. Scope of application A variety of industries that require temperature, such as the food transportation industry, the pharmaceutical transportation industry, and temperature sensitive article storage industry. Parameter description ●supply voltage:DC9-30V ●supply current:<15mA ●external interface:RS485 ●number of temperature probes :2 ●temperature probe type:analog voltage type ●temperature range:-40℃—100℃ ●accuracy level:±1℃