CR607 Hygienic liquid level transmitter

1. Advantages 

Simple structure, no moving or elastic parts, high reliability. There is less maintenance and no routine large/medium/small maintenance is required during use. A variety of signal outputs for easy access to different systems. It is not affected by factors such as temperature, specific gravity and pressure of the liquid to be tested. Hygienic quick connector for quick and easy installation. Perfect overcurrent, overvoltage, power polarity protection.

2. Performance index

 Measurement range0.01~3m Precision:  0.20.5  Pressure range: -0.1MPa~0.5MPa  Probe temperature resistance:  -40~200℃  Ambient temperature:  -20~60℃ Storage temperature-40℃+85℃  Output signal: 420mA/RS485/420mA with HART communication  Supply voltage: 1228VDCIntrinsically safe type needs to be powered by safety barrier  Fixed wayHygienic quick connector  Long term stability:  ≤0.2%FS/year Temperature drift≤0.02%FS/℃070℃ Explosion proofintrinsic safety ExiaⅡC T6 Ga IP gradeIP67  Intrinsic safety parametersUi:28VDC,Ii:93mA,Pi:0.65W,Ci:0.02uf,Li:0.1mH


The CR-607 series hygienic liquid level transmitter is a standard two-wire or four-wire instrument. The power (signal) terminal is located on the wiring side inside the instrument housing. The signal line should use a shielded wire or a twisted pair of two wires together. Try not to pass through the conduit or the wireway with other power cords, or through high-power equipment.

4. Installation

The transmitter has a special hygienic quick connector for connection, which is convenient and quick for user installation.