CR-UHZ side-mounted magnetic flap level gauge

Working principle The product consists of a body, a flap box (composed of red and white two-color magnetic small flaps), a float, a flange cover and a liquid level transmitter. The structure is shown in the figure. The working principle is as follows: the external flap box and the transmitter are subjected to the floating body(with a directional magnetic source, which is developed according to different media and pressure)of itself turn the flipper to display red and white color, and the float is provided. The movement indicates different liquid level heights, and the liquid level transmitter transmits the liquid level signal to the control center for liquid level indication and control, and can also be centrally monitored by a computer.
Main technical index
★ Measurement range:300~19000mm ★  Media density:  0.5~2g/cm3 ★ working temperature:-40~350℃ ★  Pressure grade:≤32MPa ★ Measurement accuracy:≤±10mm ★  Transmission distance:1000m Features and applicable places ★Suitable for high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali and explosion-proof requirements, simple structure, reliable and durable, can be installed with a variety of optional accessories to make control easier. ★  Install liquid level transmitter and magnetic switch, can be installed or adjusted at any time without stopping the machine ★  If the power supply is interrupted, the field magnetic switch will not be affected, high accuracy. ★ Add a color patch of different colors every 10 cm to make the liquid level easy to identify. ★ Suitable for waste water treatment, power plants, chemical equipment, thermal kerosene boilers and petrochemical industries.。   ordering instruction 1 Model Specifications    2、Name and density of the medium under test      3、Working pressure     4、Working temperature   5、Measurement range  6、Joint flange (standard) 7、Matched instrument 8、Special requirement