CR-6011 cable type water level gauge

CR-6011 series cable type liquid level gauge is made of soft PTFE sheathed high temperature coaxial cable as sensor wire. It has the characteristics of transportation,convenient installation, etc. It is suitable for continuous measurement of conductive medium under medium and low voltage reservoirs, sewage, high-temperature groundwater and acid-base solution level. It has a wide measuring range and good performance-price ratio.

The core components of the product use advanced video capacitance detection circuit to convert into a standard signal (usually 4-20mA) after 16-bit single-chip microcomputer through precise temperature compensation and linear correction. All series of transmitters have on-site calibration function, users can automatically adjust the “zero point”and ”range”by pressing the button to adapt to the different requirements of various complex places.

The product complies with GB3836.4-2000 “Explosive gas environment electrical equipment part 4 intrinsic safety type ”i””and GB3638.1-2000 ”explosive gas environment electrical equipment part 1 general requirements”explosive-proof mark: ExdIIC T6, it applicable to the areas of Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 containing IIA~IIC, T1~T6 explosive gas mixture, and qualified by the National Explosion-proof Electrical Gas Quality Inspection Center, and obtained the explosion-proof certificate.



●Working medium: water, sewage ,acid and alkali solution

●Accuracy: 0.5

●Pressure range:-0.1Mpa~1Mpa

●output signal:4-20mA, 4-20mA with HART communication, 485 communication,CAN bus communication

●Fixation: Screw mounting M20×1.5、M27×2,

Flange mounting DN25、DN40、DN50.Special specifications can be customized

●Probe temperature resistance:-50~80℃

●Storage temperature:-55~+125℃

●Supply voltage:12-28VDC(Intrinsically safe type needs to be powered by safety barrier)

●Fixing method:thread mounting:M20*1.5M27*2

●Explosion-proof grade: intrinsically safe Exia IIC T6 flameproof ExdIIC T5

●Protection level:IP67

●Intrinsic safety parameters: Ui: 28VDC, Ii: 93mA, Pi: 0.65W, Ci: 0.042uf, Li: 0mH