Company Profile

As a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in industrial IoT, Henan Changrun Instruments Co., Ltd. is committed to research, development and production of intelligent and high precision level (liquid level) sensors to solve difficult industrial problems arising in the management of safety operation of boiler and fuel consumption of automobile, as well as in the industrial site, and the liquid level monitoring for hazardous chemicals and gas stations, etc.

Founded in 2007, with registered capital of RMB 22 million, the company now has employees of over 120, and with more than 40 national patents, 10 software copyrights, and 3 provincial scientific and technological achievements. Its main products include Series of CR-603 Liquid Level Meter for Drum of Boiler, Series of CR-606 Level Sensor for Oil of Automobile, Series of CR-6000 Vehicle Terminal for Satellite Positioning, and Series of CR-605 Universal Level (Liquid Level) Meter, etc. At the same time, it built out three fully functional IoT platforms to provide a series of reliable system solutions for automobile transportation, management on the safety operation of gas stations, safety operation of boiler and energy saving, and other relevant industries and fields.

The company has been adhering to the enterprise aim “offering opportunities for employees, creating wealth for society, solving problems for industries, and increasing strength for the nation“, to build a leading IoT industry chain. We return our customers and serve the society with our operation idea of “challenging high goals and pursuing high-quality“.

Core technology

The breakthrough of the company in the field of capacitor digital sensor has filled the gap of the industry, and made up the shortcomings of the traditional sensors such as, low measurement precision, high environmental requirements and poor product stability. The operation of the capacitor digital sensor realized automatic calibration without the affection of temperature and medium changes. It provides reliable solutions for accurate measurement and assessment of fuel consumption of automobiles, aircrafts, ships, etc., and has been widely used in the management of safety operation of boilers and gas stations.